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Welcome to Equine_Dreams! You are able to post what ever you'd like! Pictures are not the only thing allowed. Have fun and please keep the swears to a minimum. If there are any issues you dont want to post please e-mail me at like if you have a problem with a diferent user!!!
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Not sure how to post to a community I don't yet have access to, so here is my info. I'll repost in a real post when I'm able. Thanks.

Name: Melanie
Age: 36
Birthday: 1-28
Riding type: dressage, trails

Name: Jaegerin
Breed: Trakehner
Age: 14
Height: 15.3h
Oh yah, my icon is a picture of my girl too. She's my broodmare and gave me a beautiful filly in 2001. Her daughter is under saddle now and working with a trainer and flirting with all the boys at the equestrian center.
hm...all that horse info, does that men you have to own your own horse?? Cause that'd be a downer 4 me. :-(
if you are talking to me... yes i do own horses. i dont know if you were directing that toward me...LOL