Ashley (xoxbagels66xox) wrote in equine_dreams,

Well today was that lucky day! We found a knew Shady Lace. He is a 16.2, chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. His name was something like Pie-diddle-dee-dum, or something really stupid like that, but I changed it. He looks almost exactly like Trenton's Pride from the movie Racing Stripes... So I renamed him Pride and his show name is "Trenton's Pride" He is such a beautiful animal. Used to be a racer, now an eventer and jumper! He is the perfect horse for what I was looking for. I cant wait until I can start to show him. He did amazing in the lesson today. It was only testing him out and see what he is cappable of... Well I figured out he is cappable of jumping a 4' wooden fence (into the pasture) it was by mistake but he really has his heart set to it. Im so happy I was able to get him. I can get pictures soon. Anyway.. this is a picture of what he exactly looks like...

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